Oleg Efrim

managing partner, Efrim, Rosca&Asociatii Law Firm

Oleg Efrim is one of ERA’s co-founders and Managing Partner. Oleg holds a Bachelor degree and a LL.M. from the State University of Moldova.
Oleg’s legal career began in 1997. Since Oleg has been practicing in the commercial, non-profit, and in the public sectors. As of 1997 Oleg also holds the position of Professor of Civil Law at the State University of Moldova.
Over the years, Oleg has been involved in large, high profile investment projects and successfully representing the interests of numerous national and international clients in the law courts of Republic of Moldova.
Oleg’s career in the public sector – in his capacity of Ombudsman for the Republic of Moldova, Vice Minister and then Minister of Justice – includes extensive experience in the regulatory, public procurement, and other public domain fields.
Oleg was nominated by the reputed Best Lawyers publication in Litigation Section in 2008. Chambers & Partners has nominated Oleg in Litigation Section in 2009 and 2017.