Mr. Serghei Zamsa

BASS Systems Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Serghei Zamsa is BASS Systems Chief Technology Officer and oversees the company’s System Integration division. He is an executive with proven record of successful projects, strong sales record and practical knowledge from different industries with more than 20 years progressive IT experience. Mr. Zamşa has responsibility for driving innovation both through R&D activities and adoption of new technologies to bring the best value to clients. Mr. Zamşa has a key role in modeling BASS Systems technology capabilities to respond to the changes in the economy and customer demand. He is passionate about technology and an advocate for technologies that better life, are secure, solve universal problems and are well balanced both in impact and cost. Mr. Zamşa joined BASS Systems in 2011 and since lead the technological advancement of the company. He earned his master degree in information systems from Technical University of Moldova. BASS Systems has performed an outstanding progress through 10 years becoming the leading System Integration company in Republic of Moldova contributing to the successful business development of clients and partners.

Serghei Zamsa