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Regional Cyber Week 2018 is the ideal platform to consider about network, strategies and establish partnerships in the cybersecurity space, with an emphasis on international and regional cooperation, cyber ecosystem development and ever-evolving innovation.  The event is designed for those who are actively engaged in cyber security and cybercrime sectors, governments, industry, academic representatives for whom cyber security is a critical issue and everyone in-between to network and openly discuss cybersecurity trends and solutions, cyber norms of behavior, capacity building efforts, etc.

  • Achieve efficient and effective national and regional cooperation.
  • Enhance public – private communication and cooperation.
  • Provide hands–on learning opportunities.
  • Deliver capacity building sessions, workshops and cyber exercises.
  • Reveal emerging cybersecurity threats and tendencies.
  • Rise preparedness to face major cybersecurity challenges in child online protection area.

The significance of conducting „Cyber Week 2018”

When computer security problems occur, it is critical for the affected organization to have a fast and effective means of responding. The speed with which the organization can recognize an incident or attack and then successfully analyze it and respond will dramatically limit the damage done and lower the cost of recovery.

Regional Cyber Week 2018 will assist the participants to build and sustain their cybersecurity capacities. It pays particular attention to improving cybersecurity through ensuring better protection of ICT infrastructure, including critical information infrastructure and the availability of dependent services provided to government agencies, citizens and businesses. Many of these services are part of daily life and have a direct impact on a country’s economic well-being and progress.


Below you'll find the Agenda for Cyber Week 2018.

The 6th Conference

29 oct. 2018

Cyber professionals, policymakers and innovators will discuss key challenges in establishing a rules-based and norms-based cyberspace and working with stakeholders from various domains to ensure national and regional cooperation, cyber ecosystem development and innovation.

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The 2-nd Cyber Drill

30 - 31 oct. 2018

The participants will be exposed to a number of hands-on exercises and live demos structured around various scenarios related to countering the most acute types of cyber-attacks. Cyber drills have proven to be a valuable tool to build cybersecurity capacities.

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1 nov. 2018

The workshops will open an opportunity for the audience to get accounted with new frontiers that are accelerating change in information security, such as cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchain, fog computing, collecting and analyzing cybersecurity data.

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Kids safe online

2 nov. 2018

Raising awareness about children safety online by delivering data and information about trends, behaviors and risks. Increasing interest and responsibility with various stakeholders by facilitating knowledge and practices sharing.

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